Reasonable Shower Doors And Unreasonable Alternatives

January 4, 2021

The best thing to do is nothing at all, but this is not sustainable since we humans have a pesky tendency to want to do things which is, admittedly, what has led to our success as a species. We have come up with incredible technology, built vast metropolises that glisten like stars in the sky, mined the planet and turned our findings into structures that represent the glory of our civilization and yet in spite of all of this incredible progress that the human race has accomplished, you are probably stuck in your home and being forced to decide what the best shower door is for you to buy.

It can be tempting to just throw caution to the wind and not have shower doors installed at all, but excess moisture can ruin your bathroom and since this is your special place we are talking about and you don’t have much else to do due to your lack of social life, you might as well kill some time by looking into reasonable Michigan shower doors that you could buy. Frosted glass is the single most reasonable option, so much so that any sane person would only ever go for this and never seriously consider anything else to be worthy of their time or money.

We promised to tell you some unreasonable alternatives too, and while we do think that not having a shower door is one such alternative the more pedantic among you might say that it doesn’t count so we’ll give you another one on the house. The other unreasonable alternative is to go for clear glass doors. They serve no purpose, much like anything else, so they can be an incredibly philosophical statement.